Welcome, wanderer, to the fascinating world of Warmonia pvp-enforced, a massive multiplayer online role playing game. Take the role of a valorous adventurer, explore a huge realm of magic and mystery and make friends with people from all over the world!

Ramonia has one main goal. Become one of the most successful Open Tibia Server out of 7.x protocols. It's a long term project with constant updates along with improving client and taking under consideration players desires. As long as my effort will be granted not only with funds but also with compliments from players, server will NEVER BE removed from OTS list. We are going to celebrate a year anniversary - next years ahead so stay tuned I guarantee it will be AWESOME!

To learn more about Warmonia pvp-enforced take a look at the our gallery page and server info. To start playing sign up for a free account and download your client. See you in Warmonia pvp-enforced!

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  Saturday, 17 Nov 2018 - Low Rate - new server
This is a fast paced server with pvp-enforced. Everyone who wants to have more serious rpg/pvp feelings should create a new account on www.ramonia.pl

New Start 30.11 Friday at 18:00 CET - be there that day!
  by GM Romek
  Friday, 05 Oct 2018 - Open pvp-enforced
Main configuration:


8-30 - x200
31-50 - x100
51-70 - x75
71-90 - x50
91-110 - x25
111-140 - x15
141-200 - x10
201-999 - x5

Other rates:

skill rate x25
magic rate x10
loot rate x5

  • Custom map and modified rl map
  • No training zones
  • New spells and monsters
  by GM Romek
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